Valentine's Day ~ Romance is in our history

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A Love Story....

My parents Annabella and Lars opened Mill Valley Flowers in the 1990's and what started as a hobby, became a labor of love and a family business that continues to this day, over 30 years later. In 1989, my mother noticed a local flower stand going out of business, she became obsessed with learning all she could about floral design. She visited me (her daughter, in Paris, France), and besides visiting the Louvre, she insisted on visiting and working in every Parisian flower shop that would have her during her 3 week visit. Upon returning home to Mill Valley, she convinced my dad to help her with the accounting, quit her job in nursing and the rest is history! Together they built a thriving business, carefully training and selecting a team of top designers throughout the years, setting records for Best of Marin. My father was a gentle, quiet, kind and intelligent man born in Sweden, an engineer and carpenter whom fell in love with my mother, a native of El Salvador, a Registered Nurse and a deeply loving and creative soul. The two were inseparable until his death in November 2020. We miss him so very much, but we see him in every flower that passes our hands. He wrote love notes to my mother often. Her favorite is; "you are my favorite flower".  AWWWW, my husband is still learning from him!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Wendy Nieminen - their daughter <3 

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