A June Wedding at the Muir Beach Overlook

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An intimate wedding at the Muir Beach Overlook was just one of the many we have done so far this season.  All of the weddings we do are so very different and equally as unique, but I must say this one was really cool. Seventy people gathered at the overlook at five o'clock on a clear, sunny day to witness Juli and Paul say their "I-do's". Jessica Fierro, daughter of the legendary saxaphonist, Martin Fierro was there to sing Catalina. A long time friend of the couple called in the four directions, there were readings by the mothers of the bride and groom, and it was officiated by one of the bride's closest friends.

Grateful for Everything

Juli gave us a list of flowers that she wanted in her bouquet and it was about a mile long, but we made her a gorgeously wild, hand-tied bouquet that was perfect for the occasion. We also brought our birch arch up to the site and decorated it with wild clusters of her favorite summer flowers and fabric. The wind was picking up, but that arch was there to stay. The corsages and boutonnieres were equally as eclectic as her bouquet and they all came poerfectly. When Juli and Paul walked out to the point for some photos, they noticed that "Grateful for Everything" had been scrawled on the fence. It was synchronicity at work as these two Deadheads tied the knot in Marin.

Congratulations to Juli and Paul! We wish them all the best as they continue on their journey together as a married couple. #gratefulforeverything

Photos by Fly By Nite Studios.

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